Upgrade in billing systems -the reason for power fluctuatuion-KPC


Kenya Power (KPC) is facing a billing fluctuation following an upgrade in billing systems which is being resolved on a case by case basis for the more than 2.4 million customers still on the analogue billing system.

According to Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter, higher bills is as a result of fuel charge that has nearly doubled over the last nine months.. He dismisses claims that the utility firm is backdating electricity bills to cater for increased fuel charge that was not passed on to customers

There have been reports that Kenya Power is set backdate electricity bills to recover the fuel charge that was not passed on to consumers last year.

While dismissing this, Keter says the higher electricity bills are as a result of the increased fuel charge currently at Kshs 4.35 per kilowatt hour from Kshs 2.31/kwh in April last year.

To eliminate cases of estimated bills, Kenya Power has procured specialized gadgets for reading meters for post-paid customers within a radius of 50 meters, which will be complimented by a mobile phone based app set to be launched this month.

The government plans to set up a fuel stabilization and hedging fund in three months to ensure steady fuel charges on power bills.

Completion of construction of a high voltage cable in June this year will see Lake Turkana Wind Power Project inject 310 megawatts to the national grid which in addition to the 50MW of solar power from Garissa by September will drive down the cost of electricity.