Fares go up as passengers travel back to and from the city


Travelleling to Nairobi from up-country after the festive season becomes diffcult as commuters have to dig dipper into their pockets since most transport companies haveremained adamant about hiked fares.

A spot checks by Journalists indicate that those traveling from Nairobi to up-country were only releaved with reduced fares for just some few days.

During the start of the festive season, Nairobi residents thronged bus stations across the city as they made their way to various despite hiked fares.

With the end of the festive season, many started making the journey back to the city and as expected, transport companies once again hiked fares.

With the Standard Gauge Railway Trains having been fully booked up to 5th January, many passengers headed back to Nairobi from the Coast via road have been forced to cancel their trip back this week due to the hiked fares.

Passengers who must travel back are paying bus fare of between Ksh 2,000 and Ksh 1,600.

The same scenario was replicated in Kitale with travelers paying 1,500 shillings for a trip to Naivasha and 2,500 shilling to Nairobi. Many passengers here have also had to cancel their trips as they had not budgeted for the high fares.

In Nairobi however, things are different with little activity across various bus stations. Here, as opposed to few days ago when fares had been hiked, bus companies have been forced to reduce their fares to entice the few customers still traveling up-country.

Some routes however still charge high fares. Transport companies say they expect the fares to increase in the coming days as more passengers will be making their trip back to Nairobi.