Kajiado residents discover ‘flammable gas’


Residents in Kajiado County have accidentally discovered a mysterious odourless gas during a borehole sinking project at a depth of 200 meters.

The gas was discovered by the contractors who were drilling for water. Experts are yet to collect samples to ascertain the identity of the gas but the residents are upbeat that the flammable gas could change their fortunes.

The gas accidentally discovered at Inkorkirdinga Farm at Kipeto village is suspected to be Methane gas which is generated by rotting vegetation.

The residents are hopeful that the gas will be viable in energy production and turn around their fortunes.

Kenya has had various natural gas discoveries through exploration by companies like Tullow oil in places like Lamu, Turkana and Marsabit.

In May this year, Kenya struck a second fresh oil find in Turkana fields taking the country closer to hitting a billion barrels of recoverable reserves.

The accidental discovery in Kajiado however remains a mystery as experts are yet to visit the site to ascertain the identity of the gas.

Residents have been advised to keep off the area until experts investigate the matter.

This adds to the list of accidental gas discoveries in the country after another discovery in Murang’a County last month.