Kenyan and Nigerian students to benefit from Airbus engineering training


Airbus Foundation has picked the two East and West African nations as the next beneficiaries of a global training programme for school-children looking to pursue a career in engineering.

Andrea Debbane, the executive director of Airbus Foundation, the programme’s backers, says Africa has developed an innovation culture that is growing fast with many social entrepreneurs. “We want to support and work with them.”

The initiative aims at training thousands of students between 10 and 16 years old in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The goal is to encourage students to understand and embrace technology and ignite a passion that could grow into an exciting STEM career.

The Aircraft manufacturer company is targeting to impact about 3,000 students in the two countries.

The Kenyan chapter will be run in collaboration with Travelling Telescope, a company that educates children across the country about astronomy through school visits and public events.

“It is important that we all join efforts to facilitate the access to STEM skills. These skills play a key role because STEM-related jobs are at the core of solving the complex problems of today’s world.” and its future.”

The Airbus Foundation together with its partner The Little Engineer is rolling out the Airbus Little Engineer (ALE) robotics programme in Africa.

Africa has the fastest-growing and most youthful population in the world, its youth will be the driving force behind sustainable growth across the continent.

Therefore, investment in education and training is essential in building an educated and skilled workforce and to encourage innovation. The goal of the ALE programme is to support the countries’ efforts in creating a sustainable pipeline of talent for Africa.

“Africa has developed an ‘innovation’ culture that is growing fast with many social entrepreneurs, local non-profit organizations and we want to support and work with them,” said Debbane.

In the spirit of “think global, act local”, the Airbus Foundation is working with local organisations dedicated to promote science education in Africa.

The first partners, Travelling Telescope and STEM METS Resources, respectively based in Kenya and Nigeria will be rolling out a series of ALE workshops in their home countries.

Since its launch in 2012, ALE programme successfully positioned itself as an effective vehicle for discovery-based learning, working to enlighten and empower youth in the areas of science and technology through robotics and aerospace. As of now, the programme has reached over 3,000 students.