KCAA warns Kenyans to keep away from helicopters during the campaign period


The Kenya civil aviation authority (KCAA) is warning Kenyans not to hang on helicopters saying that their lives matter.

In their campaign dubbed #TuwacheUshamba on social media, the authority is urging the citizens to stay far away from choppers that are ascending or descending.

“Kumbuka, katika msimu huu wa kisiasa, ukiiona helikopta inatua au inapaa songa mbali nayo. Maisha yako yana thamani – na wewe si James Bond, (Remember at this time of politics when you see a helicopter taking off or landing move away from it, your life is more important and you are not James Bond,” the Authority said on their Facebook account.

The ‘James Bond’ saga started in Bungoma where a middle-aged man sustained serious injuries after falling off a helicopter that was carrying the body of the late businessman Jacob Juma.

The pilot was flying away after the public viewing of Juma’s body which had been planned in the town was called off following crowd trouble.

It was then that the man was seen in video footage hanging from the helicopter.

Another incident happened in Meru where a 28-year-old man clung onto a chopper carrying opposition leader Raila Odinga from Maili Tatu grounds in Meru County wanted to follow him in order to be given a job.

Meru’s ‘James Bond’, real name Julius Mwithalie confessed to the press that he had meticulously planned how he would get onto the chopper as it lifted off with the opposition chief.