Kenya records a fall in fuel prices


Kenyan motorists  can now smile as pump prices went down from Friday midnight by 3 shillings 6 cents per litre.

The prices will now retail at 98 shillings in Nairobi and 94 shillings and 73 cents per litre in Mombasa.

The price of Diesel has also gone down by 1 shilling 82 cents per litre to retail at 85 shillings and 62 cents in Nairobi and 85 shillings and 36 cents in Mombasa

The price of paraffin is now 3 shillings and 58 cents cheaper to retail at 64 shillings and 38 cents in Nairobi and 61 shillings and 63 cents per liter in Mombasa.

In a statement the Energy Regulatory Commission Director General, Robert Oimeke, announced the drop in prices attributing the changes in this month’s prices to as a consequence of the average landed cost of imported super petrol.