Kenya must reduce the lengthy clearance procedures at the port to beat congestion


The government must reduce the number of interveners at the port and lengthy and cumbersome clearance procedures, to allow agents to clear and remove a local container from the port with thin the free period allowed by KRA.

According to Maritime Freight Company Limited managing director PJ Shah, there are various types of goods that pass through the port of Mombasa for example local imports and exports, transit imports and export and shipment.

Each type of cargo is covered by different types of shipping documents and undergoes different clearance processes.

“Clearing goods through the various interveners like KPA, KEBS, KEPHIS, port health authority, dairy board of Kenya, national biosafety authority, anti-counterfeit agency and port police and forwarding them to the final destination is not only very complex but also lengthy and cumbersome exercise,”Shah.

He says there are 33 and 35 steps involved in the clearance process on local and transit container respectively.

Besides forwarding the relevant shipping documents, the importer must also remit adequate funds in advance to enable his clearing agent to pay the necessary import taxes if it is local cargo and other third party charges such as shipping line, port and transport charges