Imported Petrol raises fuel prices in Kenya-ERC


The increase in landed cost of imported super Petrol makes fuel prices to go high in Kenya forcing motorists to pay slightly more for the petroleum products starting from today March

At the country’s capital (Nairobi), Super petrol has gone up by Sh0.78 per litre to hit Sh101.05, diesel up by Sh1.17 to reach Sh90.44 and kerosene by Sh0.77 to Sh67.96 per litre.

Pavel Oimeke the acting Director General for Kenya’s Energy regulatory commission (ERC) attributes the rise to an increase in landed cost of imported super Petrol which increased by 2.23 percent to US588.47. Diesel increased by 3.84 percent to US520 and kerosene by 3.45 percent US542.27.

He says the landed Costs includes so many things that include pipeline transport, road transport, pipeline losses and depot losses among others. That the hardest hit are those living fur away from Mombasa.

In other towns like Mombasa, residents will pay Sh97.63 per litre of petrol, Sh87.04 per litre for diesel and Sh65.11 per litre for kerosene.

Oimekes says, “The case is, however, different for Kisumu residents who will pay more factoring in the cost of transporting oil all the way to the city.”

Hence, they will part with Sh103.03 for super petrol, Sh92.61 for diesel and Sh69.89 for kerosene.

Elsewhere, Nakuru, motorists will part with Sh101.78 for petrol, Sh91.36 for diesel and Sh68.83 for kerosene, while in Eldoret, residents will pay Sh102.96 for petrol, Sh92.54 for diesel and sh69.90 for kerosene.

A significant increase in the cost of fuel a month ago partly led to a consequent increase in the rate of inflation last month that hit 9 percent above the government’s target range of 7.5 percent.

Fuel will be most expensive in Mandera where a litre of super petrol will retail at Ksh 114.86, diesel at Ksh 104.24 and kerosene at Ksh 81.77.