Africa Investment Forum to take place in Nairobi next week


This year’s Africa Finance & Investment Forum (AFIF) will focus on “Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Growth” and will be held for the first time in Nairobi.

The event will be hosted by Strathmore University and is scheduled for 15th -16th February 2017.

In line with growing regional and international trends, this year’s edition of AFIF will focus on entrepreneurship and innovation and access to finance in key sectors such as energy, water, ICT, health and agriculture.

SME managers, entrepreneurs, investors and government representatives across the continent will converge for the Pan-African event which includes an exclusive training for entrepreneurs, a dynamic market place, tailor-made B2B meetings (for all participants, speakers and partners using EMRC matchmaking programme.

The forum is an annual business platform initiated by Belgium-based European Marketing Research Centre (EMRC) in 2005 with the aim of encouraging entrepreneurship, promoting SME growth and attracting investment to Africa.

“At EMRC we believe that SMEs are the key drivers for growth: In developed regions they are responsible for over 50% of GDP and over 60% of employment and economies across Sub Saharan Africa follow a similar model,” explains Inês Bastos, Senior Project Manager at EMRC and heading AFIF 2017.

“To encourage SME growth in Africa, AFIF offers an interactive platform for the entrepreneurs making a difference, for the financiers already investing in Africa, as well as for the larger financial institutions and enterprises interested in accessing this growing market segment.”

Two Kenyan firms —R n G Company, and EuroFresh Exotic — made it to the final list of six SMEs nominated for the AFIF Entrepreneurship Award 2017.

The winner of the challenge, which is aimed at financial support for African-based SMEs, will be announced during the Nairobi event.

The six finalists drawn from Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania were selected following a rigorous process from among 51 projects within Africa. They were selected based on their social, economic and ecological impact, and their potential for growth and job creation nationally and regionally.

To further encourage strong and active business meetings, that will take place during allocated times and also informally, EMRC will organise a pre-conference training on “A Road-map for Entrepreneurship Growth” (13th -14th February 2017). The training is addressed exclusively to AFIF 2017 participants with an aim to provide entrepreneurs with tools to present a business plan to potential investors for financing.

The event will also feature panel discussions with top experts, including speakers from several international organisations such as the International Finance Corporation (World Bank), Rabobank Foundation, Japanese Intl Cooperation Agency and Strathmore University.

Others will include Afreximbank, European Investment Bank African and several chambers of commerce.