Corporate Social Responsibility dimensions


Globally, ever since Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives started focusing on responding to community needs, awareness about them among the public has widened. Even small-sized organisations have the privilege to showcase their model of excellence in services through the concept. In such a scenario, the involvement of youth is highly appreciable for promoting growth in every aspect.

The public and private sector integration plays a key role in developing a long-term concept of CSR. In this new age of technology and innovation, every CSR initiative would make a difference, in which the youth plays a serious role. The empowerment of youth, irrespective of which gender they belong to, influences organised development orientations and motivates the private sector with the support of government-funded agencies.

CSR perceptions are generally focused on overall development, therefore the involvement of youth cannot be overlooked. The evolving trend of public and private collaboration is expected to take on the challenges of the new age, through which the future of the younger generation will get a realistic boost and enhance confidence levels.

A recent discussion with a foreign embassy official prompted re-thinking the concept in greater detail and made everyone realise how expertise can support in making CSR initiatives more aggressive in targeting the youth. In reality, the evolving schemes are opening doors for youngsters to become actively involved and widen their scope to reach out to people in the mainstream, as well as at the grass-root level. In this context, private sector companies can ensure their role and come forward to be jointly involved in narrowing the gap. Consequently, the support of the youth is critical to widening the concept by sharing their perspectives.

It is an indisputable fact that the youth hold the future of a generation, therefore their commitment in consolidating CSR-related activities helps boosts organisations’ customer base.

Unless CSR has a strong base among the mainstream population in urban regions, it cannot take a step further to reach out to hidden talent. When people start realising the true ethics of life, CSR thinking takes shape, along with embracing and modelling the challenges of a new age.

Article By: Hariharan Laxminarayan BEngg, FCIPS, FInstLM